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Yodie Land THCa Flower Live Rosin and Carts Get you Faded than a ho

Welcome To Yodie Land

Trip to Penjamin City, shall we? Yodie Land is the place where double penjamin rips send you. Fulcrum is a code name. Are you ready to take the trip?

Frequent Yodie Land Inquisitions

How Do I Get To Yodie Land?

The absolute fastest way to get to yodie land is to take a double rip off our signature penjamins. You can also smack the THCa Flower and get absolute obliterated. All products on this site will definitely send you on a trip to Yodie Land.

How Long Do Yodie Packs Take To Ship?

We ship out of our warehouse in Miami Monday-Friday. If you order Friday afternoon, we wont be able to ship until Monday. After your order is packed, USPS picks up every weekday around 2pm and shipping times are about 2-3 days on the east coast and 3-4 on the west coast. Please have patience because the yodie pack project is new! But we usually get orders packed and ready to ship within 24 hours. Contact us HERE if its been more than 2 business days and product hasn't shipped!

Will I Get Faded Than A Ho?

You will absolutely get faded than a hoe. No question about it. This is regular pack. Real spill, you feel me? If you want our fire flower, you can buy it and we will ship it anywhere in the United States.

What Is THCa?

THCa is regular THC. It's not like delta 8 or any other synthetic cannabinoid. All the products on this site are naturally grown cannabis-hemp. Cannabis naturally grows THCa, and when THCa is heated up, it becomes Delta 9 THC. To further clarify, all weed that you get in a dispensary has high levels of THCa (20-30%) and almost no Delta 9 THC. Because THCa is the "live" version, and Delta 9 is the heated up version.

How Is This Legal?

All these products are compliant with the farm bill. Even though this is all regular pack, and will get you absolutely faded than a hoe. The farm bill only measures Delta 9, and all our products are THCa, just like regular live cannabis. If you have more legal questions, consult a lawyer as this is not legal advise.