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Yodie Pack

Exotic THCa Shake

Exotic THCa Shake

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We remove the shake from our exotic and super exotic flower so you get premium nugs only. This is the shake, which comes from exotic ($40/3.5g tier) or super exotic (+$45/3.5g tier) flower. THCa levels of shake are generally the same or even higher than the flower because as the buds rustle around in the packing process, little crumbs and trichomes (which contain the THCa) fall off the bud. Shake contains all the plant material and usually an extra amount of trichomes than regular bud. The downside of shake is that it will dry faster than regular bud because more surface area is exposed to air. But if you are rolling joints or smoking bong bowls, you break down the flower anyway. May as well snag these CRAZY deals to get ozs for $74.99.

What Is Cannabis Shake?

Shake the crumbs and small buds in the bottom of the bulk bags that break off in transport and handling. Our shake is ideal for smoking because the material is mostly scraped through to remove stems. So you're getting 100% exotic smoking material, that's already in small pieces and chunks ready for a bong bowl, blunt, or joint!

Shake vs. Trim?

Shake and trim are not the same thing. Trim is mostly the fan leaves of the plant that only contain a few percent of THCa or other cannabinoids and a minimal amount of terpenes. Usually, trim is only used for extraction and is not ideal for smoking. Shake on the other hand is pieces of actual flower buds that get knocked off of the larger buds and fall to the bottom of the bag. Shake usually has an equivalent amount of THCa and terpenes as regular flower, but because terpenes are highly volatile (ie. they evaporate easily), they are more likely to evaporate off of the shake than the full buds because more surface area is exposed to the air.

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